The Catalog stores Application definitions. You can easily model new applications in the Catalog, and export them as Kubernetes YAML files.


You can also import existing YAML files to compose an application, or create an application from a Helm Chart. You can then use access controls for an application, to make certain applications available to select users, roles, or teams.


An application can be composed of several stateless or stateful components. For details on defining applications, see Applications.

Import YAML files

You can create a new application, provide a name, and directly import one or more YAML files to populate the application.

Import a Helm Chart

You can create a application by importing a Helm chart.

To import Helm charts, you must first setup one or more Helm repositories. To do this select “Helm Charts” and then select the option “Add Helm Repository”.

Some popular repositories are:


Once the Helm repository is added, simply click on it to find and import charts.


Import or Export an Application

In addition to importing an application from YAML files, you can also export the entire application as a set of YAML files.


Access Controls

You can enable acccess control for your application. By default, access control is disabled for the application. When enabling access control, you can provide access to individual users, teams or user roles.